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Iron Heart Tattoo is a premier full custom appointment only tattoo studio for those seeking quality tattoos without the pressure of a high volume tattoo street shop. Currently as of April 2016, Iron Heart is the highest and most rated tattoo studio on Google in the entire northern Virginia region with 100+ 5 star reviews. Heath is the owner and artist of Iron Heart and has been tattooing now for 10 years, starting at the age of 19 in Florida before moving back to the area. He serves the Dumfries, Stafford, Quantico, Dale City and the Woodbridge VA region. He loves tattooing everything from realism, portrait, tribal, water color, traditional and new school tattoos. Many female customers praise him for his light handed tattooing and his attention to fine line detail. Custom tattoos are his forte.

Iron Heart utilizes state-of-the-art hospital grade sterilization equipment to ensure thorough cleansing and effective sterilization of our surgical steel instruments. Scarily enough, this practice is not state required but insures the safety of our clients even further. All needles and ink are single use disposable items and every item that comes into contact with the tattooer’s gloves during the process are bagged with medical barrier plastics.

“Excellent artistry. Great attention to detail. Everything is very clean and sterile. Heath has great chair side manner and is very down to earth and professional. I;ll never use another artist!” -Krystal K.


“Awesome experience! Will be back for more in the future!” -Kevin G.



Shopping list:
Iron Heart organic ointment, soap & paper towels.

Your tattoo is a beautiful skin abrasion. A cut. Always think of it in this manner so you will never get an infection. Half of the success of your new tattoo is dependent on proper aftercare. Every time you touch the tattoo you must make sure your hands are very clean. Change out your hand towel in your bathroom. Throw one soap in the shower and one at the sink. Put the paper towels on the clean back part of the toilet. Keyword: clean.  (That means clean it first)

Day 1-3:
In 1-2 hours your new tattoo is ready for it’s first wash. Remove and dispose the wrap the tattooer placed on your tattoo. Wash your hands thoroughly. If in the shower keep your new tattoo out of the water as best as possible during the shower routine. Water does not hurt a tattoo but drenching it does. At the end of the shower or at the sink, wash your tattoo with just your hands, no wash cloths or loofahs. Turn the water to luke warm, not cold & not hot. Splash it on. Wash 2-4 times gently 20-3o seconds at a time, rinse & repeat. Enough to remove the ointment, then the dried plasma so the tattoo is clean. Jump out of the shower (literally like a super hero because you’re now a rock star), blot dry with clean paper towel and run outside naked to show the neighbors your new ink. Run back inside before the cops are called & get dressed. No towels, toilet paper or hand towels to dry it off.

15 minutes later, wash your hands again thoroughly, dry with a paper towel (ALWAYS), then apply a thin layer of Iron Heart organic ointment on the tattoo. Reapply a thin layer on the tattoo 2-3 times a day with clean hands. Wash your tattoo again at night time as well. Of course….do the same routine as above; air out, wash the hands, then ointment again before bed.

Day 4-6:

Continue the AM & PM wash routine, running outside naked & then apply the Iron Heart organic ointment. Repeat every 3 hours or as needed. Do not let it get dried out or it will scab badly.

It will start flaking around day 3-4 and finish by day 6. Do not pick or scratch the flaking skin.

Day 7-14:
Shower like the normal, stop running outside naked & apply Iron Heart organic ointment as often as needed. DO NOT USE Jergens product, no Curel, and for God’s sake, no Neosporin. Reapply about 1-3x times a day as needed until you reach 14 days post tattoo.

Often times your tattoo will dry out pretty badly when in this stage, so keep it moisturized with the ointment. If you need more we have more.

“Yes!!!! Finally!!!! Way past dew. Great work by an honest guy. All that’s needed to be said!” -Israel E.


Can I come in and look at some tattoo art for ideas?
Yes, absolutely. I have a few custom books however I do like drawing them! With drawing custom large scale work there is a $50-100 fee for the drawing, and then an appointment is made. A half sleeve for example sometimes takes 5+ hours to design.
Do you use blacklight or UV reactive ink?
No, it’s just too much of a risk. Simply put I like to sleep at night knowing I only use approved sterile pigments that are tested extensively.
I'm under 18, can I get a tattoo from you?
Legally yes, ethically no. I will not tattoo any minors under the age of 18. No exceptions.
How much do tattoos average?
Shop minimum is $50, and large scale work can be expensive but is priceless.
Do you do piercings?


Emails will take a week or longer sometimes for a reply. Please be patient as Iron Heart Tattoo is ONE artist booked many months out.
OPERATION DAYS/TIMES: Wednesday-Saturday 11:00AM-6:00PM  ADDRESS: 17650 Possum Point Road, Suite C, Dumfries VA 22026 PHONE: 571-285-7594


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